This is the second time I've had a copy of Comodo working just perfectly on a machine, and suddenly due to an updating error, suddenly become useless and seemingly unfix-able. I updated, rebooted and waited for a time, and the definitions database still claimed it was out of date.

comodo antivirus not updating-72

It downloads the latest parches as usual and starts applying but prolongs at 90% for over 5 minutes and then pops up a message stating ‘Failed to update the virus signature database.

Please check your internet connection and try again later’ Apparently the internet connection is just fine. I have tried several times over last couple of days but same result. A user who faced similar problem was able to solve it by re-installing the anti virus.

track=6137v&s_track=7639 For users of Comodo Antivirus or Internet Security 5.5 & older :

track=6138&s_track=7639 Hope it will fix your problem.

Comodo is a computer security company that is well known for their free antivirus software Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Internet Security.

Although they may not rank as one of the best in independent malware tests, they do have a very large user base thanks to a very rare terms of use that allows the software to be used in personal and even commercial environments.If you really need to add the Comodo’s update server IP address, you should resolve the hostname to IP by pinging downloads.Do take note that you cannot add the IP address of the CDN servers powered by Cloud Flare because Cloud Flare does not allow direct IP access.Right click at the server box, select Add, enter any of following new host listed below, and click OK.The first update server is a CDN powered by Cloud Flare and is used by default for American and European users.Make sure you do not see any Comodo entries in Notepad. The entry in the HOSTS file as shown above will simply map the the local loopback address, preventing Comodo from being able to connect to its real update servers.