No, your scholarship will pay out for any fall/spring semester as long as you are registered for at least one class.Keep in mind that even a part-time status will count as a semester used of your scholarship.

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As a first time freshman you will be notified once you are admitted if you qualify for a merit based scholarship through Undergraduate Admissions.

In addition, a consolidated scholarship letter will be mailed in mid-March to scholarship recipients detailing all scholarship offers that you have received from UA.

No, we do not "super-score." We evaluate your application based on the highest composite test score from any one test date taken at the national level.

We do not penalize based on a student taking multiple tests.

For entering freshmen and transfer students here is only one scholarship application to complete and submit.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the National Alumni Association, and The University of Alabama's undergraduate colleges and schools use the scholarship application to select scholarship recipients.

While you may have a break of a semester or more between receiving your undergraduate degree and enrolling in graduate/law school (e.g., if you graduate in December and your graduate/law program begins in the fall), students may not enroll in any other college or university during that period of time.

No, when accepting your scholarship offer, it is accepted for the amount of time you have been awarded the scholarship.

Students graduating with remaining tuition scholarship semester(s) may use these monies only toward graduate or law school study at UA.

To be eligible, students must enroll in graduate/law school during the first available semester after receiving an undergraduate degree.

No, students only need to have the completed application for admission, application fee, official high school transcript (grades 9-11), and official ACT or SAT scores submitted by December 15.