Interesting conversion of a Colt Root revolver to a single shot percussion pistol. The barrel has the form of an Allen, but we do not be ... Click for more info Colt Second Model Derringer Colt Second Model Derringer 2 line address on top of barrel, Number 6945. It has a small rampant Colt on th left side of the frame.

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Click for more info This is an early Colt First Model Deringer with serial number 3826. The mechanical function and bore are excellent, crisp and tight. Click for more info Exceedingly Rare Deluxe Factory engraved Colt Model 1862 Pocket Navy. Click for more info Fine Colt 1851 Navy, Blue, Scene, Case Colors and Great Bore, Mechanically Tight, Antique.

Interesting thing is that these two derringers are only 9 serial numbers apart. They are fitted in a nicely done Moroccan leather case with a buckskin ...

Single Action Army Revolver, 4 3/4"x .44-40, Mechanically Tight, SN 131xxx all matching, v.

Click for more info This is a Colt Third Model 41 rimfire deringer in excellent condition. Click for more info ID’ed CONFEDERATE Antique ARTILLERY Saber & COLT Belonging to Lt. This is the 1st type with the protruding bolster for the frame screw, (also known as the ""pregnant frame model"").

Almost like a drunk attempting to sober up after a bender, Colt desperately tried to rekindle its civilian firearms’ market—a market the company has historically only reluctantly tolerated to get it through the tough times between armed conflicts.

Meanwhile, archrival Smith & Wesson some 31 miles due north had continued its nurturing of civilian gun sales.

Unusual conversion where the cylinder was taken out, the frame was shortened and the frame was dovetailed ... Standard patent makings on top of BBL Original Factory Ivory Gri ...

As wars end, the people may rejoice, but manufacturers—especially gun manufacturers—often weep, wring their hands and rend their clothes. Firearms manufacturers are often the first that must instantly switch from a peacetime civilian market to a wartime military market.

Many longtime employees retired, taking the skills they had acquired with them.

Because of this and a gross mismanagement of revenues during the war, once again, the then-92-year-old company was staring bankruptcy in the face.

Add to Favorites Free Registration Tutorial Videos Contest New Today New This Week Articles Gun Appraisals Affiliate Programs Free Targets FAQ's - Contact US Gun Links Click here to tell a friend about us. This is a first year model for the "Cop And Thug" Grips. This pistol is a variation of the New House model Colts This ... Round butt, round hammer, front slide serrations, no safety, no slide stop. Click for more info The matching serial number is 13884 and was made in 1856. This Colt is very rare for many reasons, condition, engraved, and being a London variation. Click for more info Colt Standard Third Model Deringer; 41 Rimfire, Single Shot, 2 1/2" Barrel Made circa 1875-1910. SN 162xxx all matching including arbor pin and wedge.