The problem was that the girl needed a lot more than attention, assistance, and education than I could give her.

In fact, she could have really benefitted from all of us working with her.

"You know someone really should tell her that she needs to wash her jacket and her hair." Immediately, all eyes turned to me and one of the friends smiled and said, "Great idea!

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) should speak to him about what to do to stop his body odor.

Immediately, my school counselor super powers go into action! I will see what I can do." Before I called the student into my office, I had a flashback to the day I spoke to the girl.

Actually, hygiene is a process of education, information, practice, and reevaluation.

Although I was elected to "fix" her problem, I was not the answer to her hygiene issue.

She lived a long way from home, she never went home on the weekends, and she rarely spoke of her family.

Physically she was very plain, rarely washed her hair, and wore the same plaid shirt day after day.

Hopefully, practicing these tips will help you feel more comfortable when you find yourself asked to work with student hygiene issues.

My high school years weren’t marked by my first romance or getting too drunk at a party and ending up like a Very Special Episode of a corny family sitcom.

As a helper, I considered it my duty to enlighten our neighbor about her hygiene issues.

After several days of putting off the conversation, I finally found myself alone with her in my dorm watching music videos.

One of the best friends chimed, "She had to study today, but I am glad she couldn't come.