Old English had replaced Old Welsh by 878 when Alfred, King of Wessex, mustered his Anglo-Saxon army and beat back the Danes close to where King Alfred’s Tower now dominates the countryside.An Anglo-Saxon sword was unearthed locally, and coins were minted in Bruton in the eleventh century.It’s finally gotten to the point where Will is beginning to entertain the idea of trusting Sean, and so he mentions to him that he’s begun dating a girl (Skylar, played perfectly by Minnie Driver).

By the seventh century there were two timber churches, one dedicated to St Peter.

The other, which became St Mary’s, is believed to have housed a white marble altar slab brought from Rome by St Aldhelm.

The ancient ‘bartons’ – now alleys off the High Street – originally led to pens for holding livestock.

Bruton occurs in Domesday Book as ‘Briwetone’, when it had six mills.

In the twelfth century, a Norman community established an Augustinian Priory and built beside it a stone church, transformed over the next two centuries, with many additions, into the church we see today.

The fine church silver dates from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

At Discove the remains of a tessellated pavement were found – now lost.

The Romans built their roads over ancient British tracks.

‘Brue’ derives from , a ‘brisk stream’ in Old Welsh, the language of the earliest inhabitants.