They are making so much money off of the fact that we’re playing on their shows, and it’s all our own money going into the prize pool. PL: You’re also on the board of the US Poker Association.

What kinds of things are you all working on right now?

PL: So when did you make the decision that it was time to go pro?

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PL: We noticed that some pros, specifically Erik Seidel, are very outspoken on the fact that the WSOP and WPT are raking in the bucks and should add money to the pot since they’re profiting mostly off of the pros?

Clonie: I absolutely agree with the idea that these big corporations should give some back to the players.

So how does this WPT Ladies’ Night champion and mother of 2 manage to stay at the top of her game, teach poker seminars, coach ambitious players, and still find time to relax in Dallas, TX? So we’d go over there on the weekends to play poker.

I was 15 and developed a passion for the game at that early age.

If we have our timeline right, you went on vacation in Costa Rica and got 10th in a WPT event… And I also placed 2 nd in another $500 buy-in event, which was a lot back then.

PL: And then from that you were invited to that Ladies’ Event, which you won.

Clonie: Well, the funny thing is, I was a cash player long before my tournament success, so they made more of a bigger deal of those.

I’ve played poker for many years – I’m now 34 – but most people only know me from my WPT appearances. PL: As far as Team Full Tilt goes, how much of your time do you spend with them and what is your involvement?

There are lots of good things to learn from poker – math, money management.