Either you love going to the bars because you're in a clique, or you hate going because everywhere is too clique-y. You've probably also assumed that the mystery author of this post is a shallow, narcissistic, bi girl.

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You must be best friends with your ex and then forever be jealous of anyone they date after you.

Fact: every lesbian in Cincinnati has been cheated on. Even if you never graduated, you probably went to school for art, criminal justice, or political science. At some point you either worked at Applebee's, UDF, some sort of place involving animals (ie: vet clinic, shelter, etc.), or were a security guard.

If you are under under 30, you must wear men's shorts, a polo shirt (popped collar optional), Air Jordan's, and either a backwards baseball cap or a bandana. You must complain about how all of the hot chicks are straight.

If you are over 30, you may keep the shorts and polo, but you must trade in your Jordans for some really awful sandals. You must also brag about your conquests over the straight girls.

I am a mom of three kids that mean the world to me.

I am happy doing a variety of things...kayak, swim, bike, run, hike, camp, go I am a soft butch who enjoys, bowling, golf, hiking,sight seeing, long drives, board/card games, old black/white movies and country music, to name a few.

also painting, poetry, reading, writing Happy snowbird in Naples Fl (well, this winter's a bit too hot!

) who lives a country-like life the rest of the year near Cleveland, Ohio....

:) i am a 27 year old bbw, never been with a woman before other than kissing. I am in an open Relationship (married to a man) I love true crime, serial killers, paranormal, hello thanks for taking the time to read , I'm looking for new friends and possibly more, I am new to this.

old lesbian looking for good honest fun friends and possible love interest. I´m an extremely dedicated and loyal friend and will fuss over you and spoil you as Hi!

I prefer the country over big cities, small dinner parties over loud bars.