This is the conference that will help you get there.Conference Details Challenge is the national conference for EFCA students entering 7th through completion of 12th grade.Conference Details Hosted by Catalyst, one of the most innovative conference leaders around, this conference takes church leaders where they are at and helps boost them to a new level.

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Build a spirit of stewardship and generosity among your people.

Empower the next generation to embrace the church today.

We hope that during your time with us, you will be able to relax, build new relationships, and leave more excited about this calling than ever before.

Conference Details BASICcon is the national conference held by BASIC College Ministries.

This is about discipleship, why Worship Pastors and teams do what they do, and how they connect each and every day.

Conference Details The annual Calvin Symposium on Worship is a three-day conference sponsored by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Center for Excellence in Preaching.

It is biblically commanded that the community come together and worship.

This is not a songwriter symposium or a creative conference.

We believe we’re on the edge of the greatest revival of all time.