Not to generalize but my experience has been they tend to be more culturally well rounded.

According to judaism, religion of the child is that of the mother - so either you'll have to convert to marry - or your children will have to be converted upon birth.

So being Jewish wouldn't exactly play any role except maybe they just attract alot of gold diggers?

Good decent guy = good dating material, possibly even marriage material.

I have a thing for Jewish guys but I am not Jewish. I don't get the OPs question either or why Jewish grown men would be "unsuspecting victims" of anything.

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Oh and when the going got tough (specifically my family is very scary) they RAN.

My b/f graduated from an ivy school undergrad and a top 2 MBA program after that.

Intellectually we are comparable - have lots to talk about and are both open to things that are new to us (ok truth be told, I can't get him to the opera, but I can live with that). The guy I'm casually seeing is jewish, but I never really thought about his religion until he had brought it up.