its sad that all the things i sent you about zionist attacks even on Jews and the fact that Palestinians both Christan and Muslim are prosecuted by the Zionists did not make you at least think or rethink the narrative you have been told.once again i tell you that Palestinians have no problem with the Jewish religion both Christians and Muslims respect the religion, the problem and the conflict began with the Balfour deceleration and the zionist Israeli occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine 7 million Palestinians are currently living in exile, the rest of us suffer from the cruel occupation, which brings with it daily humiliation, discrimination, injustice and continued policies of ethnic cleansing.i hope one day you can wake up and realize before its too late what crimes have been done to the people of Palestine, as a Palestinian all that we want is to live in peace to have the right to return to our homeland the freedom and dignity and justice that all humans deserve irrespective of their religion or nationality.

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The Council approved a new building use agreement with the Galena City School District regarding the Iditarod Inn dormitory on the Galena Interior Learning Academy campus, which secures 10 currently unused rooms for City use.

City Manager Shanda Huntington told the council that two rooms are intended for city police officers and the remaining eight would be used by the city to house short-term visitors such as auditors, inspectors and contractors.

Maybe I should leave the last word to another correspondent: 'Anonymous Ed P said... An excellent, dispassionate and historically accurate summary - it's difficult to understand why anyone except a racist would find fault with Israel, surrounded as they are by unjustified & irrational hostility.

Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.

Cameron Diaz topless by robertzre That's it, my work here is done. First that modern actresses are happier to show more flesh. And third that sometimes I have too much time on my hands!

My post of yesterday did elicit some replies in the comments section."Allah said: 'Whenever they kindle the fire of war, Allah extinguishes it, but they strive to do mischief on earth.Allah loves not those who do mischief.' This is the history of the Jews.' Is that exhibbitting a problem with Jews? Crowd member: "Killing the Jews…" Crowd: "…is a duty." Crowd member: "Killing the Jews…" Crowd: "…is a duty." Crowd member: "Driving out the Jews…" Crowd: "…is a duty." Crowd member: "Driving out the Jews…" Crowd: "…is a duty." Crowd member: "Crushing the Jews…" Crowd: "…is a duty." Crowd member: "Crushing the Jews…" Crowd: "…is a duty." Are those the words of people who have no problem with the Jewish religion?One was not the sort of comment that I publish, Tentacles please refrain from that type of insults when trying to express such sentiments on my blog.Another came, or was alleged to come, from @Tweet_Palestine.Would it be possible to post print a topless photo or show a video of every actress to have played one of Charlie's Angels? First I had to check who had appeared in the Charlie's Angels TV series, Wikipedia seemed a good enough place to start.