One involves a young student who is very poor developing a special relationship with a teacher that helps him progress.Another involves a retarded child whose baseball fantasy is manifested through the care of other players.

From Emmerson to Einstein, Wayne tends to prologue all of his mystic wisdom with the ideas of other people.

This would be okay if it were just used as a stepping stone, intended to develope on and expand an idea or principle..does not seem to happen very much, and when it does they tend to exist as logical extensions of "rational" knowledge applicable to his spiritual dimensions of work.

His most recent work, "The Power of Intention", the concept that one can manifest their desires through meditation that focuses on what they can have instead of negative thoughts in regard to what they lack, can be found through-out constant religious and spiritual texts through out time.

Granted, Dyer does not hide this fact, and one finds it slightly frustrating, in the fact that not only does he rob ideas, he has no problem with advertising it.

An oracle of "source energy" that has codified his effusive wisdom into a series of books that retail somewhere in the vacinity of 25-30 dollars.

Wayne Dyer has certainly reached many people with his message of self actualization (Maslow) and reaching Source (Cost Plus World Market Lamp). Dyer is his lack of fecundity in regards to his work; what exactly is the river bed of Dyer's original thought? True, the Daila Lama tends to repackage traditional Buddhist wisdom in his texts and has found a very popular market around the world.THe first story is surely false, as it orignated as a story in Chicken Soup for the Soul and found later popularity as an e-mail forward.The second one I have seen as an e-mail forward, though it's origin I do not know for certain. Wayne has no problem letting the world know he is fabulously rich, even revealing he is in the top 1% income bracket in a letter to politicians on his website, which seems primary focused on his repulsion for having to pay alot of taxes.And as mentioned before, why, if Dyer truely wants to help the world, does he not simply scribe all the wisdom he can imagine into a book and pay airplanes to airdrop them into poor neighborhoods, instead of making fun of the garbage that poor people have on their lawns (Creating your life with thought, The Inner Wisdom Library).Instead, to suppliment his wisdom, many people must pay thousands of dollars to see Wayne in person at a variety of new age spiritual events.In the Power of Intention (I believe) he talks about a coworker who is sick with a cold, and how disgusting his snot is.