Paris Mon Sep 08 2008 bervas at parts for Pannonia Pannonia all, from TL250(1954) to P21(1975) All rubber and chromed steel parts, exhausts, rims, spokes, pistons, electrical cables, seats, etc.

A fact that seems to be upheld by a photo (see attached) I found with both the Csepel tank badge and the Pannonia badge on the front fender as in dads bike. virojt at Mon Feb 20 2006 gerdtsimpsonlarsen at hotmaildot com Info about parts for pannonia Hi. I wondered where I can buy parts / order parts on internet.

Reading deeper it appears that the brand was in fact associated with Csepel. He is a son to Matti Viro, the great man from Finland and a real Pannonia fan but unfortunately he is no more among us but the son took over all the spare parts.

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Made in Hungary Manufactured 1951 to ca.1963 Pannonia twostroke singles and twins were similar to Jawa and were also made by Csepel. I will post what I can later today in the forum as well to hopefully help others should they come across the model themselves. 68 mm bore, 68 mm stroke, stroke total volume of 247 cm3. Can you please help me with some links to manufactorers pages?

These machines were marketed as White Motorcycles in the United States in the mid 1960s. The links below have to be translated by google but still give a ton of history on the brand.

I have already managed to find a ton of information on the make model including as you can see the tank badge and attached photos. Jikov or Pannonia carburetor 24 and 25 mm throat diameter. Magnetic flywheel 6 W 45 W Bosch LM / UT, 7 Ah 6V battery. You can check if this gyu still has spare parts to Pannonia.