Having Manual Approval helps control a large portion of incidents that would otherwise occur on a dating website, however, nothing is 100% foolproof.We, chinesechristiansingles.net, do not conduct background checks on all of its members although we do reserve the right.

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is an online dating & personal service that caters to “PRO MARRIAGE MINDED CHRISTIAN CHINESE SINGLES”.

If you are intending to date with full intention to get married, this is the site that you belong. We cater to all races, men and women who are looking for love leading to marriage.

Remember Who Is In Control : God is in control of your experience through you.

This gives you the prerogative to take the following precautions.

Of these sexual assaults, a full 73% are committed by someone the victim is acquainted with.

It is someone that he or she knows but with whom they are not necessarily friends.Report to us any and all unusual activity, regardless of how small or insignificant it may seem. report it Fiercely Protect Your Anonymity : Never give out your personal information to someone you meet on the internet whether you are on this website or not.Even with all of the precautions takes to protect its members, bad things can still happen to good people if they do not protect themselves from it.It is our goal to provide marriage minded Christian singles with a safe environment in which to meet, get to know each other, and fall in love.We want you to find your life's soul mate for the purpose of marriage.This means that you must conduct your own thorough investigation.