The site itself is pretty exciting in that it can take 2 seconds or 5 hours to load, so you never know quite what you are getting if and when it finally does.And if it does, you might get text, or HTML, or some weird mixture of stuff that is unreadable.But does it have the right type of people, the type of people that you want to date and take home to your parents? Maybe it's just like that in my area or whatever but I think lazy people who aren't that focused on finding true love use simple mobile apps whereas the guys like me that want to find a lasting relationship use other sites to get dates. I emailed demanding a refund and company had the nerve to say because I sent an email out they cannot refund my account!

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Serious scam artists so do not waste your time or money!!

Im not going to say what most people do and go on about how great Chemistry is.

I suspect that "Amberleigh" is actually a forty-eight year old man in a wife-beater with a cigar in his mouth and a bottle of Thunderbird in his desk-drawer.

To get the most out of, you will require: (1) A mental prophylactic.

If *I* can figure out that 100% of the time such a prefix is 100% indicative of a scammer, why can't the employees ?

Yet, literally thousands of these messages roll in, every day, inundating the site.This is not the worse dating site on the market but it aint the best either (I personally like main thing is that it's free and that makes it busy. I found maybe 10 gay women that were listed as matches total.One would think that at least the scammers themselves would give up, except they don't.Apparently some people are stupid enough to be really obvious scammers.Most of the people on the site will give you syphilis just by thinking about them.