The first 7 photos in this post are the photos that she had listed in her “profile.” What should stand out is that none of them are candid shots.

None are taken by her family, colleagues at work, none taken by grandma and none in “regular” clothes in “regular” places. This girl is either trying to get a job as a model or she paid to have these photos taken for the express purpose of scamming Western Men.

I looked at Elena’s photos and as you can see, she is quite beautiful.

I had my first date with Elena and it was delightful.

She was very attentive to everything I said and she had a coy if not submissive demeanor that made her seem even more appealing. Elena was always eager to set the next date, usually a day or two later.

She and I posed for photos together as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend. But with full hindsight, there were so many warning signs. Of course, the walking tour conveniently ended at a luxurious restaurant. Later that afternoon, I received this text: I chalked up the whole experience to a life lesson and moved on.

Elena told me that it was a new restaurant and she had never eaten there before. Later, I was a bit curious and Google searched her and found her personal profile on a Russian Facebook style website.

When you’re with a beautiful woman who pays attention to you, this isn’t always easy.

In the case of Elena and her interpreter, they were consummate pros.

They knew exactly how to apply just enough pressure and insistence without going overboard.

I fancy myself a sharp guy but it was even hard for me to figure it out.

It took 4 or 5 dates but then I saw that some things just didn’t add up.