This is so that everyone gets at least a few books signed by me.However, it’s also important to note that and it’s best to contact them to find out.

If you find you’re too nervous to speak, just say “ugg boots” and I’ll know not to pester you.

Like most authors, I’m happy to sign things other than books so long as it’s legal, doesn’t involve charges of indecent behaviour being laid, won’t make a mess of me or the shop, and won’t take a long time.

The Author is a Human Being: Based on everything I’ve read and been told, signing tours are pretty gruelling.

Writing already makes authors prone to problems with chronic back and wrist/hand pain (I have both, and the latter has forced me to give up my favourite hobby: knitting).

The dos and don’ts of book signings vary from place to place, shop to shop and author to author, but most are logical once you a apply a bit of common sense.

Time vs Number of Books: I am happy to sign all of the books you bring to a signing so long as there’s time for me to sign them.

Bricks and mortar bookshops have a hard time competing with online stores, and the more of them that go out of business the fewer venues there’ll be for signings. If you do really, really want to give me a gift I will be very flattered, but make sure it is small, light, won’t melt and can be taken on board a plane (no liquids or sharp objects).

If you like being able to meet an author and get your books signed, support the shops that provide you with that opportunity. Due to my back problems I’ll be travelling with carry-on luggage only, and will be posting what I can’t fit into it home.

Book Club(For book club leaders)Request multiple holds on the same title (up to 3 titles) with automaticrenewals and no late fees.

Visit your local branch or call 513-369-6900to find out how to apply for a book club card.

While we want to sign everything, we may physically not be able to.