She did not realize that under the sheets, the pillow was between my legs.Her actions awoke me but being half asleep, I thought she was tucking me in better.

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She explained it was a very normal feeling, it was my feminine reaction to being sexually excited.

She said these fluids from excitement are like those when two people kissed one another and that they can be shared.

I understood that feeling inside when I did the same.

Continuing her ministrations, she mentioned how nice and soft the lips of her kitty where.

My body was tingling at what I have found to be my intimate spots.

Betty was a very nice woman, daughter of friends of my parents and had recently graduated from college.

When I found my softness, I was wet there; I thought I was peeing without control, but inside myself.

In a very shy voice, I mentioned this to Betty; she even smiled kindly, encouraging me to ask anything.

I had never heard this word used before, my strict parents and Catholic had upbringing sheltered me from the world.

"Now Im embarrassed," Betty commented, "It seems your parents have not been sharing your growing up with you".

I will tell you about yourself." This was the first of many intoxicating evenings of pleasure.