Since there are so many people walking the Earth yearning for a long lost love we felt this technology would make it possible for a lot of users to find a visual surrogate or substitute for their former sweetheart.

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This membership self renews each month on your Paypal account. To communicate with and possibly date real celebrities you must purchase a VIP Membership Subscription which is $20 per month and automatically renews each month until you cancel ( done via

Each month you automatically receive four free email credits which can be used to email actual celebrities. The celebrity email credits can be used for up to 12 months at which point they expire. Just remember that contacting non-celebrities is free.

Just click on the Register To Join link at the top of the page and then purchase the VIP Membership Subscription when prompted to do so How do I actually communicate with celebrities and celebrity look a likes? You send them a message via our system and then the celebrity responds via our system.

If the celebrity is interested in you they'll contact you and take it from there.

Our business model is built entirely upon helping people find certain celebrity archetype looks that they are attracted to.

The only way to do that is to have you upload your photo and indicate which celebrity you sort of resemble so that others can search for you on that basis How many celebrity look a likes do you have on the Celebrity Dating Network?Since most people tend to have a certain "type", CDN can help you find and meet your type.Whether you're a real celebrity or you'd just like to date one the Celebrity Dating Network is for you.How many real celebrities do you have on the Celebrity Dating Network?The number of real celebrities we have available varies from day to day as the status of our celebrities changes.The number of members we have is growing constantly so check back regularly Can celebrities use the Celebrity Dating Network to meet and date other real celebrities? That is one of the functions built into our service Is the Celebrity Dating Network available to celebrities and non celebrities users around the world? The Celebrity Dating Network is available to people everywhere.