For example, when examining the anatomy and biochemistry of living species, it appears that the general order of development for the major types of vertebrate animals was fish - mammals.

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For example, the standard tree suggests that birds are most closely related to reptiles, so we would predict that we could find fossils which show a mix of bird and reptile characteristics.

Fossilized organisms that posses intermediate characteristics are called transitional fossils. We would also expect that we would find fossils showing intermediate characteristics between organisms that are not closely related.

After two hundred years of Darwinism, in creation vs.

evolution many unbelievable beliefs about evolution have evolved.

Such a challenge is only reasonable, though, when one has a stronger alternative — an alternative that not only explains the evidence better than what's being challenged, but which preferably also explains other evidence that the first explanation does not.

We don't have this when with any form of creationism.

In fact, the fossil record does show the same order of development.

In general, the fossil record is consistent with the developmental order suggested by looking at the characteristics of living species.

The problem is that much of the theory of evolution is unbelievable. creationism is the cause of the unsolicited turmoil in your life.