The group died after being exposed to the radioactive fallout.The allegations were dismissed as unsubstantiated in a final report of a royal commission into British nuclear tests in Australia in December 1985. Robert Jackson, Director of the Center for Disability Research and Development at Edith Cowan University in Australia, is concerned that the Royal Commission did not hear testimonials from pilots. Jackson first discovered the story in the 1980s when he was the Regional Director for the Western Australia Disability Commission.

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Thousands are believed to have died in the immediate aftermath and in the years following.

The pilot flying the Tu-4 bomber developed leukemia and his co-pilot developed bone cancer.

The state does not want their tragedy recognized, because it would cost money.

Nobody wants to know." (source: The Sunday Times (UK), 24 June 2001)British newspapers reported that some 6,000 stillborn babies and dead infants were sent from hospitals in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, South America, the UK and the US between the 1950s and 1970s without the permission of parents for use in nuclear experiments.

The official documents, recently uncovered by a researcher at Dundee University in Scotland, forced the British government to admit that officers were deliberately sent into the nuclear fallout zone.

(sources: AP, ; New Zealand Herald, ; Reuters, ) The Australian Federal Government announced that it will conduct a health study of Australian volunteers who worked at Maralinga, a British nuclear test site.

According to Zlotnikova, "Even today, the incidence of some cancers in Orenburg, a city 130 miles from the range, is double that of the people who suffered in Chernobyl.

A study carried out by the health ministry on cities with the worst health problems puts Orenburg second out of 88. These people were used as guinea pigs, tested, and then left to die slowly of cancer.

In June, he was approached by a man who claimed to be a pilot and had flown a planeload of disabled people from the UK to Maralinga Test Site. Jackson, "We didn't fly them out again." Former servicemen, who are also fighting for compensation for radiation exposure at the Britsh nuclear tests in South Australia and Monte Bello islands, will further investigate the story.