His build was muscular but he had a slight roundness to his stomach which I found hot. I always sat in the front and would always make eye contact and one day when I was feeling brave and particularly horny, I subtly parted my legs so he could see my frilly lace panties, there was only around… Read more I was at college, in London. Birmingham it was summer break, saw i was taking the train to Birmingham to meet lisa for a long dirty lesbian week holiday. A small breeze will lift it up to show my pink thong. As i was standing and waiting for the train… Read more When the best season starts you start to peek always with a little more attention, especially if you have the sis very good, like in my case :-P.

Before we both returned home in Cumbria to our boyfriend's. As i stood waiting for th train, I'm all dressed up in a tight fitting top that doesn't leave much to imagination. It was spring when I opened the door of my building and, at the beginning of the ladders, i've find front of me, sitted, my sis, with a boy beside her, I do not know if he was a boyfriend or lover: -P, my sis had a nice pair of black-transparent tights, with low shoes, and a skirt more or less at central-thigh, legs bent and closed, but in the movements, they could always open themself a little :-P, while we talking i peeked and not peeked, but not b… Read more This is the story of a very exciting, and very strange summer I had some years back.

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You kiss them all hello as you are amazed of how sexy everyone are, your cock starts to grow in your boxers and we all see it.

The girls start t… Read more The following is a true story retold to the best of my recollection.

Since my late GF had been gone for some time now, I would sit in front of the computer, read news, watch video's and eventually pull up a porn site to jerk off to. Lately I had been watching some shemale video's as they sucked cock, got fucked and fed the guy some cock and cum too. Upon entering we noticed a gang of 12-14 young men, aged in their 20's to late thirties.

They were very loud and quite boisterous as they drank watching the Stoke City match on the large screen TV.

That year was pretty rough owing to the huge amount of homework and revision to be done.

And this became more difficult became of firstly me being naked and teased which made me horny. My mom was a bit impartial at the time but that changed as well.We foun… Read more My dad is a very mischievous man. For example; In bed; he would put his head in between her big tits and shake them; while she was cooking; He would caress her back and her ass; during their bath; yeah sometimes they take baths together and sometimes I join in as well. A mere slap on the ass wasn`t teasing for his slut. Yes, because of them I found myself happier being their sl… Read more This is the story of the biggest cock I have ever taken.In order to spice up our daily routine, he started to tease me. I was years old at the time and it was shortly after Pride 1990 which I had attended a couple of weeks before.We could always be so specific in our ad, about what we were looking for or what particular fetish or fantasy we wanted to fulfill. It was great because Alicia would not wear alot of clothes and it was fun to watch her. After checking in just after lunchtime on Saturday my husband and I decided to go and have something to eat.During sex hubby and i would always be talking about what we wanted to do next, what he would want to see me do etc...… Read more This is a true story told to me by Alex. My name is Alex and am the youngest of several brother and sisters. Mom had to go out of town suddenly so I went to stay with my brother and Alicia. Alicia and would do some stuff together and then I… Read more It was just another day at the house. For convenience we headed to the local Wetherspoons, The Willow Grove.Although at the beginning of the marriage she was not happy with the hours her husband worked, once his company became profitable, she got to enjoy the dividends that it brought (money, car, designer clothes,… Read more Watching my brother-in-law fucking my Mother - Par "Ashley, whatttt? From the side view, I could see her curvy long legs going up to a round full arse, up to a slightly hairy back (she's Indian remember). His thick, dark meat filled me with each hard thrust. He said that he had always wanted to fuck a Latina, and I was glad to make that wish come true.