Instead, on sandstone load up on offset nuts, offset brass nuts and slider nuts.I got my Moses Cam Hooks from Mountain Gear and went straight to my local crumbly beach cliff to try them out.Put a size or two on each aider, suck it up and start walking up a crack.

Meanwhile, I'm still looking for my missing Wide Leeper!

I made the trip to Yosemite while working on the first free ascent of Mescalito with Tommy Caldwell While there I tested the Moses Cam hooks on El Cap and found they worked just like the old Leeper cams.

Lots of attention put into replicating a timeless design. Good to see out-of-production specialty gear being covered by a dedicated manufacturer. Cam hooks are rad and should be mandatory on every aid climbers rack.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend. I've even taken them off the rack when I went down to clean when soloing. Maybe you hosed yourself with spacing on gear or had to backclean. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★ 16.

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So is it time to file down my Moses cam hook to make it more like the Leeper? This was crappy ocean rock; not an ideal test environment.

I'll go to Yosemite and report on how they turn out.

Once you get over the initial terror of cam hooks, they can be your best friend.