Apparently, he came up crappers again tonight and is prowling DL. I don't think anyone knows much about her personal life.

R26, I've been on DL for a long time, and I get really sick of the perpetuation of the little DL paradigm that all lesbians are fat and ugly. She's nearly 40 and never married, no kids, and apparently lives with her father.[quote]Most women on this list are bi.

I don't really know if it's her girlfriend, but it could be. IMDB even lists her long-time partner's name in her bio.

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I don't own a youtube account but someone should report those perverts. She came to see the new educational centre in the museum I work in (she used to be a teacher, apparently) and was amazingly nice and interested in everything. Jo Brand is straight (and married, not that being married means someone is straight), and jokes all the time about how everyone assumes she's gay.

Is it something about this particular woman or is it like that with all videos of beautiful women on youtube? R26 gets cranky when his "all lesbians are ugly cows who are bitter because they can't get a man" agenda is challenged. He also gets cranky when he winks his brown eye at some passing hot straight guy and gets laughed and pointed at. Jo Frost, there are been a fair few rumors she's gay.

Yes, it is said (though I don't know if true) ex-newsreader Moira Stewart is gay as is BBC newsreader Jane Hill, who came out recently. R118, she's a Scottish actress who appeared on anger seasons of Monarch of the Glen.

Racing/Sports TV presenter Claire Balding is gay and lives with her longterm partner. She always lunges to me then, but I chalked it up to her character.

Why did she write the book, laying bare not only her professional successes and failures and her colourful upbringing but her relationships with women?

"I think it was something I'd put off for years," she says.

She won't talk about her private life and is something of an enigma.

There is nothing to suggest her sexuality is one way or another as she is so private. I don't think there's many have run into her that have a bad word to say about her. Danny Cipriani is rumoured to be gay, his fav TV show is Glee and Kelly says he is always signing songs from the show. Tanita Tikaram is gorgeous, I thought you gay girls would be more into her.

It surprised me because I've always thought she pinged and not just because of the roles she's taken. I'm not R90, but those relationships are the kind that closeted (or those that haven't figured it out) women tend to have.

There was a great moment on CORONATION STREET this year when Sally found out her daughter was gay. Intense friendships that last a year or two, until one moves on or some fight severs the relationship forever. Isn't Sarah Douglas (Pamela Lynch from Falcon Crest) a lesbian as well?

I am a friend of theirs, though I wasn't invited to their wedding.