When TNT cut to a shot of Kurt Busch during the national anthem on Sunday, he was standing with a beautiful blonde woman who was not his wife. Despite that very public image, the media didn't report on the breakup until years later. After all, I've known about Busch's marital problems, too – and didn't ask him about it nor write about it until now.

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The NASCAR media is, on the whole, a sharp group of people who are skilled at breaking news, writing commentaries and covering every aspect of the sport.

And as many in the industry know, the racing beat corps isn't afraid of writing the truth – even if it may be harsh at times.

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Please do not post inappropriate comments, this is a friendly forum for fans.Busch has even said, repeatedly, that the NASCAR media writes too much "People magazine" material.Yet when there was some People-worthy news about Busch himself, it was never made public until TNT showed Busch and Patricia Driscoll together on camera.I justified it by telling myself, "Well, it doesn't affect him on the track." But given Busch's vitriolic tirades on the team radio this spring – which were widely reported on – perhaps it did.It's at least a question that could have been asked; it wasn't, though. For the most part, NASCAR drivers typically are not as good looking at other mainstream athletes, but as these drivers' wives and girlfriends prove, that does not stop them from marrying or dating dimes.