Brooks is on one of the emptier stretches of highway.

When we say there's Medicine Hat, Brooks, then Calgary...that's pretty much IT in the space of 300-400km or whatever that stretch is.

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Brooks is a rather small community in a fairly hot and dry part of the province. So my hubby applied online for 2 of the posted jobs from a newspaper here in Ontario for Alberta relocation. I don't drive, but my hubby certainly fits the exception you stated.

Significant cities on the prairies tend to be 2 to 3 hours apart [unless you drive like a hobbit on speed], and Brooks is on one of the longer stretches. One is for Olymel, and the other is for Smith Group (trucking, escavating etc) which he has a lot of related experience in. Steve - I'm 2 hours from Toronto, and about 1 1/2 from London now, so it sounds like pretty much the same sorta situation I'm in now. He's applied to Smith Group for the earthworking jobs.

Even when there is a town, it's often a couple miles off the highway.

I've sought out a few communities over the years only to discover that there is literally NOTHING there; 4 nearby farmhouses with a name to make mail easier 80 years ago; a passenger rail station that's no longer used and has nothing nearby.

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I'm not meaning to rain on your parade, just pointing out that it is a bit more isolated than most small towns in southern Ontario.

Thanks guys, no raining on this parade as we aren't 100% sure we're ready for it, but I really do appreciate the info.

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Just a quick question - is homeschooling kids an option in Alberta? I let DH know (dear hubby tonight, usually D***Head) all the info, and we're still looking into things.