Members who want to avoid lurkers may set their player to require viewers to log in in order to watch.For most users, the goal is to get as many viewers as possible.Unfortunately, the site has become infamous for nudity and people exposing themselves online to random strangers.

As bizarre and creepy as that vision may be, many teens pull back the virtual curtain of their webcams allowing strangers to gawk and deliver sexual and demeaning messages through the window of online video chat. It has law enforcement concerned, and parents need to better understand the world of video chat and set up guidelines for their kids.

Specifically, adults should directly supervise the use of webcams and video chat. Two parties see and talk (or type their communication) to each other online.

In this second scenario, the person broadcasting can’t see the spectators watching.

Both friends and strangers can view the online show and can choose to comment or watch silently.

Sexual requests and sexual harassment are commonplace, especially when teen girls and women “Go Live” on Stickam.

While most of these comments seemed to be ignored, it occasionally makes headlines.

By Thomas Mc Clurg and Sam Black Imagine drawing back the curtain to your kitchen window and seeing scores of strangers staring back.

What if some were even naked or held up signs that read “take off your shirt”?

This sounds innocent enough, but teens, typically broadcasting from their bedrooms, open their online windows to a barrage of bullying and sexual harassment.