Posts on Boy Chat also instruct participants to hide their identities and avoid being blocked by other users while editing pedophilia-related articles on Wikipedia.

Anyone can edit an article on Wikipedia as long as he follows Wikipedia’s principles of having a neutral point of view, which means the articles aren’t supposed to take sides on any issue and they must cite “verifiable, authoritative sources,” according to Wikipedia.

If you have to 'lie and hide' to keep our influence balanced against the bigots, then by all means lie and hide to do it.


“This has been a problem since Wikipedia started.” In response to a request for comment on this story, Sue Gardner, executive director of Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia's parent organization, said in a statement: "Wikipedia has a long-held, zero-tolerance policy towards pedophilia or pedophilia advocacy and child pornography.

The Wikimedia community is vigilant about identifying and deleting any such material.

” Wikipedia's critics point out that schools throughout the U. encourage students to do research on the online encyclopedia, which is free and available to anyone with an Internet connection.

This means that students who use Wikipedia to research the academic subject of pedophilia will immediately find a page on the topic that is being targeted by the pedophiles.

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Or, would you like to nominate Your Partner or Wife, your Daughter, your Sister or your Best Friend, or Someone Special for a much needed Makeover ?Message board posts often include links to specific Wikipedia articles that the participants say need to be edited to "normalize" pedophile behavior in the public eye and to recruit more pedophiles into their community.“Pedophiles have campaigned to push their point of view that 'pedophilia is OK and doesn’t hurt children' on Wikipedia,” says Xavier Von Erck, director of the online pedophile watchdog organization Perverted Justice Foundation and, its offshoot project devoted to tracking pedophiles and pedophile activism on Wikipedia.The user pages are much less important."It is of the utmost importance that pedophiles newly daring to google "pedophile" or "pedophilia," or look them up directly in Wikipedia, in an effort to understand themselves better, are able to get unbiased information ….Many of these men and women are in dire need of support."Secondly, nonpedophiles who recognize the increasingly sensationalistic media treatment, etc., and turn to the Web to find the facts or people who use the Web as their primary source of information: If they turn to Wikipedia, Wikipedia should give a fair and balanced view. "That should be the primary focus of our Wikipedia efforts.Some pages are protected and can be edited only by volunteer administrators who have a certain number of edits and days editing under their belt, while other pages are fully protected and may be edited only by volunteer administrators or stewards voted on by the community.