Quality time tells the child you are paying attention and they are important.This time if for them, do not burden your children with adult issues, or adult feelings.Mai's archetypes, the 3 P's, embody every woman, and when we understand all three, we can heal past hurts, treat ourselves with better care, and enjoy better treatment from others, instead of feeling undeserving or guilty.

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Second, children fear losing your love and attention and believe they will become less important. Therefore it becomes critical to be prepared and act in a way that helps them adjust to your dating and share their feelings.

Here are seven ways to help ease their concerns and anxiety.1.

Then she e“Why do I work so hard, but I am not getting the love, success, and support that I want?

This book is your blueprint to create your new life. February 12, 2017Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase I found myself needing to make a change in my life, but I wasn't quite ready to make that leap.

It's more than a guide, it was my saving grace in a time of crisis.

I read the entire book one sleepless night after yet another exhausting fight with my now ex that left me in tears and hurting.

Mai writes from a very honest place, and it was a comfort to find myself in so many of these pages, making the same mistakes so many women have made, and I no longer felt alone.

I will always be grateful for the hope it provided me, along with some great tools I would utilize for the rest of my life.

The experiment of post divorce dating is not so much to find men, as it is to find and make peace with yourself.

This book unlocks the keys to become the magnificent, powerful and delightful woman that lives inside us all, a woman who has men lining up to love, adore, and cherish her.

By Michele Germain, LCSWWhen their parents date, it creates anxiety in children and teens.