'He wants to be alpha, he wants to be first, he wants to be in charge.

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Wood said Trump's smile here is a fake - he is actually angry Macron holds out his hand and Trump yanks it towards himself.

The pair then engage in a vigorous tug-of-war with one-another.

After they break the shake, Macron pats him on the shoulder and leans past him to greet someone else. More awkward handshake shenanigans came during a second meeting between the US and French leaders on Thursday, prior to their working lunch.

The pair appeared for a brief photo-op at the residence of the US ambassador to Belgium.

Trump holds out his hands, only for Macron to weave away from him and embrace Merkel.

Macron then shakes hands with Stoltenberg, who is between her and Trump.

But Trump does lean right into Macron at one point: When he says the young politician had a 'tremendous victory.''That's interesting,' said Wood.

'This is a difficult read for me, but I'm thinking he always talks about his own "tremendous victory" and there's a bit of that in there.'It's not that he likes [Macron winning], but that he's harking back to his own election. I think he's thinking about himself.' Seeing the point: Trump's body language - steepled fingers at the crotch, legs wide - in this second meeting between Macron and Trump is 'alpha' and 'sexual,' Wood said.

But the leaders appeared to be talking among themselves when Trump entered, and were not yet in position for the photo.