Deschamps' attorney Audra Simovitz called the decision to file the day after the slaughter 'appropriate.'Zachary is 'a 50 percent minor beneficiary' of the estate, according to the documents filed by Deschamps. The shooter could still obtain his portion of the estate, which is believed to pass to him at age 22, even if convicted.

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He then went on to two schools, most recently at Rock Island OCLC in Oakland Park, and had been diagnosed with autism and depression, according to records held by the Department of Children and Families.

The killer was born in Margate, Florida, and grew up in Parkland, not far from the school, with his adoptive parents, Lynda and Roger Cruz. His younger brother Zachary, shares a biological mother with the shooter, but has a different biological father.

Zachary was committed involuntarily because of Deschamps, a source told the New York Post.

But he turns 18 this week and is expected to be released before his birthday.

A family friend of Rocxanne Deschamps (pictured), 42, who initially took in the Cruz brothers after the death of their mother, said she was receiving threats from parents who had children die in the school shooting.

She has been taking care of Cruz's younger brother Zachary Chad Bennett, 37, who is a close friend of Deschamps, told Daily the only reason Zachary is being investigated is due to spurious allegations about him to police that the 17-year-old would 'finish what his older brother started.'Bennett did not say who it was that raised those concerns.But she's trying to help these kids out.'The shooter reportedly told the family who took him in after Deschamps that she was trying to steal his inheritance, but Bennett denies that's the case.The older brother slaughtered 17 former classmates and teachers at the Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday.When Lynda died at age 68 on November 1, both boys moved in with Deschamps who had previously lived next door and 'loved Lynda to death'.'I was there with Roxy when it happened,' Bennett, who works at a hardware store in Loxahatchee, told Daily 'Those boys were in the room when their mother passed.'The shooter moved out in January after being told he could not have guns at the house.Bennett says Deschamp's petition in Broward County to gain formal control of what remains of Lynda Cruz's estate is not for her personal gain.