The inside of the shop was colored in black and pink giving it a very sexy outlook.I stood stock-still as my eyes fell on a pink furry handcuff.

"Lauren," he said but his voice sounded girly "Laureeen," he called again. My eyes snapped open and I found myself staring at Lacey, my twin sister. My dark hair was still damp from the shower and was loose reaching up to my upper back. She was wearing a black mini and a white tank top which had Glamour written on it.

"Where is mum," I asked Lacey, who was pouring milk into both of our bowls.

Last night, my friend Rachel was discussing her upcoming birthday party at a girls' dinner, and I asked if her ex-boyfriend was going to come.

They still keep in touch and talk here and there, so how am I to know if he's coming or not?

She was outgoing and into the latest fashion while I was the stay at home and look after the kids' kind of person.

Even though our personality is so different we were as close as two people could be. This was my first time shopping for 'seductive clothes' as Lacey put it."Oh chill Lauren, it's as if you are walking down the aisle on your wedding day," she said glancing at me. "Oh here we are," she said stopping before a particular shop. It was a lingerie shop called 'sweet seduction'."Um Lace I changed my mind, lets go home," I said turning around to go back. "Don't be a baby," she hissed "now lets go in," and against my will she pulled me in to the shop."So you ready to go shopping for your seduction clothes," Lacey asked a little later causing me to choke on my mouthful of Cornflakes. "Lauren, you guys have been like dating like forever and I know that he is crazy about you,' she said "and if you think that you are gonna do it in your grandma outfit you better think again." "Lacey, these are not grandma clothes," I said reproachfully."Whatever you say," she said rolling her eyes "now quickly finish your breakfast so we can go shopping." I grinned and then concentrated on my task of finishing my breakfast.Looking through all the profiles on other dating sites was daunting, so he decided to let a computer do the mate selection for him.