Use of Jay Arm A2Lib for Named pipes communication; 0-latency inter-process communication between TS3-Arm A2 . Net Community for dealing with us pushing broken updates all the time * Havoc Company ( for all the 1-on-1 and beta time * rexehuk for killing so many animals on our behalf * Shack Tactical ( for multiple thorough testing sessions * SSG Clan ( for so much thorough testing and dealing with crashes * Task Force Blackjack for their unending unguided testing and bug reports which have helped us so much * The ACE/CBA teams for random scripting and engine discussions and debugging * All the various Arm A2 Skype channels for listening to us (Think tank, im looking at you) * Sickboy specifically for his heavy work and integration on making with Six Updater became a reliable and extensive platform to deliver ACRE and Jay Arm A2Lib * BI Forums community for the support v1.4.10 * TS3 Version increase to 3.0.9 * Fixed Muting again - now unmutes all local mutes v1.4.9 * Fixed surround and falloff issues for different 5.1/7.1/3.1/Stereo issues with TS3.

Server side garbage collection of radios to prevent object clutter/long mission lag . * Fixed clients not getting unmuted if in different channel, disconnected, or if you restart TS3 * Fixed ACE inheritance issue * Fixed ACE ruck capacity of 117/119 v1.4.8 hotfix - fixed issue were people were having an issue in and out of game when they were experiencing the pipe error where the game would stutter heavily.

Many fixes for ts3/arma2 crashes, server/mission disconnects You no longer have to run TS3 beta's. You can uninstall the older ACRE via the control panel first. Download and install the new official TS3 from the TS3 site. Mind you if you were having this stuttering issue then you still will have the underlying issue of the pipe closing, which is usually a permissions issue!

v1.4.8 * Drastically reduced pipe traffic, hopefully increased named pipe bandwidth...

I've been trying to fix this issue searching thru other forums from other sites but it is no use.

I've tried reinstalling the game, giving administrator authority, reinstalling battleye, but no results. I've never seen battleye program launching window when starting R6S if it is the case.

Most player should be familiar with these from their prominence in ACE2.

* PRC-343 now replaces the default Arm A2 'Item Radio' * Realistic GUI interfaces for radios, they are the real thing * Directional speaking for non-radio, normal communications.

I really need some support on this issue since I've been suffering from this problem beginning with the purchase of the game.

Hi zero6931, This is something we are aware of and is being looked into by the Siege team.

Realistic frequency wavelength falloff; higher frequencies do not travel as far .