If the older lover is in a position of authority over the younger—teacher-student, coach-player, military officer-recruit, etc.—sex is .

Age-of-consent laws show that society considers some “too young” for sex.

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Therefore, if you are 16 and your girlfriend is 19, you are only 3 years apart and it is not statutory rape.

If you want to know more about your right to consent to abortion, taking the pill, STD testing, etc., refer to the section on this website on Health Care.

will need to report your sexual activities to the authorities in order to protect you.

This is the case if: Is it statutory rape if I am 16 and my girlfriend is 19? Statutory rape happens when your boyfriend or girlfriend is at least 18 years old AND is four (4) years older than you.

Boys start making sperm when puberty spurs maturation of the testicles, typically from age 11 to 13. However, for girls, procreation-readiness is more complicated. Today, around 7 percent of American girls begin menstruating by age eleven and more than 90 percent have periods by fourteen, with median menarche around twelve.

Girls don’t reliably release eggs until a year or two after their first menstrual periods (menarche). Given the lag time between first periods and reliable egg release, Biblically speaking, girls today are “too young” until around 13. 359-383) decreed that children could legally consent to marriage and, therefore, sex at seven.

Anne and I were lucky that we met in Michigan, where the age of consent, the minimum age for legal lovemaking, was 16. More than 95 percent involve cases like Anne’s and mine, adult men and minor girls.

Had we lived in any of the dozen states where it’s eighteen, I might have gone to prison for statutory rape. A small proportion involve abuse or assault, but the vast majority of adult-child sexual liaisons are consensual.

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