This is important for access to sheets by multiple users, as only one sheet in each drawing can be open at a time. Create a drawing template (DWT) file to be used by the sheet set for creating new sheets.You specify this template file in the Sheet Set Properties dialog box or the Subset Properties dialog box. Create a DWT file to store page setups for plotting and publishing.

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In the Add Custom Property dialog box, type a Custom property name and Value for the custom field. (to match the name in the Fields dialog box) and give it the value 2015.02 to reflect the project number of the current drawing. You'll now see an entry in the Custom Properties list that matches the custom field you've just created.

In the drawing that contains the title block Xref, type in the Command line and press Enter) for the fields to display properly.

Your office has custom title block fields, created using the Auto CAD DWGPROPS command, which are designed to update automatically when placed in a drawing set.

You brought a title block into a drawing as an Xref, and these custom fields did not update.

The associations and information that define a sheet set are stored in a sheet set data (DST) file.

When you create a new sheet set using the Create Sheet Set wizard, a new folder is created as the default sheet set storage location.You may have brought in your title blocks as block files in the past, and the custom fields updated successfully.You're wondering why they are not updating when you bring them in as Xrefs.It is strongly recommended that you store the DST and the sheet drawings in the same folder.If an entire sheet set needs to be moved, or a server or folder name changes, the DST file will still be able to locate the sheets using relative path information Before you begin creating a sheet set, several steps should be completed. Move the drawing files to be used in the sheet set into a small number of folders in order to simplify sheet set administration. Each drawing you plan to use in the sheet set should have only one layout to be used as a sheet in the sheet set.You can import a layout from any drawing into a sheet set as a numbered sheet.