FADD women are good candidates to be included in a soft harem scenario.

When I asked to leave the bar, he didn’t know I was overloaded; he thought I was trying to avoid the conversation.

After a year together, I’d already given him most of my secrets. Like everyone else with a diagnosis, I want the impossible: I don’t want to disclose my ADHD at all.

But the men I’ve dated haven’t always understood how ADHD can affect someone.

Before going out with me, a lot of them didn’t know what it was.

Having FADD is certainly a sign of insecurity but it’s also a strong manifestation of the Princess Entitlement Complex where a woman expects all sorts of attention merely because she possesses ladyparts. FADD girls love the company of men because most men will put up with their constant demands for attention.

Other FADD ladies will cause conflict because of the competition for attention.

I asked if we could finish our conversation in the room, and when he said, “No, we’ll finish it here,” I erupted.

I’d been off medication for two years, but after that, I went back on.

A year together proved that man loved me with or without a pill; I loved myself enough to never want to be that overloaded again.