I saw on another forum posting a workaround solution was to save the new/selected values in a page dictionary variable on On Html Row Created before setting default values. Van, Please make sure that columns are editable in the underlying data source. You may wish to send your test project to us and we'll determine what disables editor for sure.

Then On Row Updating use the page variable as the new values. To initialize editors on the grid's Edit Form, you can use the Init New Row event (it's fired for new rows only) or the Html Edit Form Created event.

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Aspxgridview rowupdating newvalues video

If not, you are welcome to post your code here, and we will do our best to help you. Get Participant Dates(dateid, participantid, CInt(Session("contract_id"))) ASPx Grid View Dates.

Thanks, Marion Thank you for the quick reply - however, I am still not able to retrieve the New Values. I am manulaly binding the grid as fllows: Dim rdr Dates As Data.

In regards to my 2nd question about setting initial values in On Html Row Created event - I took a look at the examples and it was suggested to use On Html Edit Form Created to set initial values, however what if I'm not using an edit form, but just in-line editing?

I have the need to have dropdownlists in edit mode and set the selected value to a property on the item bound.

However it still passes "NULL" to the database and fails to insert the record. See I am having the same issue as this person: I can not find the Convert Empty String To Null property he is talking about. Hi Matt, We've put your inquiry on our support queue and will research the situation in detail. If this information helps, I welcome you to close this report.

The property you are asking about is the Grid View Data Column. Convert Empty String To Null (or Grid View Data Text Column.

1) Perhaps getting an interim build that fixes this problem...

2) I remove the Auto Filter Row (I test this, and that does fix it) ... If you can get a fixed build for me, that would be great as I am sure I have other pages with the Auto Filter Row on where this will be broken.

To String()) End Sub I the code above works fine when retrieveing the e.