This topic and original comment has nothing to do with whether she sees her father or not.I sense you feel the need to shame this person for having a social life and not giving 100% of her time and attention to her daughter.Nonetheless, single parents still find the time, energy, and money to date and enjoy sexual relationships. One possibility that supports the theory of reproductive investment trade-off is that single parents crave a two-parent family and so they feel highly motivated to do what it takes to find a long-term co-parent.

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Your "observation" had nothing to do with the OP's statement, nor the article.

She gave no indication that she withholds time between her children and ex, you just chose to go there, unprovoked.

The psychology and sociology literatures generally assume a “reproductive investment trade-off,” or the idea that parents invest their resources in raising their children at the expense of other activities, including finding partners for future reproduction.

There’s a good deal of support for this assumption: These observations are all true.

Again, the topic isn't about how often girl children get to see their fathers and whether they turn out damaged or not by divorce.

Well, if you think it's a shaming FACT to bring up, perhaps you need to realize that because it's a real issue, what's good for the daughter might be more important than a moment of the parent unconstructively taking the comment as meaning only to "shame" her -- which would be a very self-centered reaction, actually.I do have the desire for a long-term partner, but my main reason is because the stress of my life motivates and requires me to find solace in my social life.I wouldn't give my daughter up for anything, but the fun I have dating definitely leaks into the rest of my life and makes me happy, therefore making my daughter happy. There's a tendency for daughters to end up seeking male attention too early in the wrong places if they don't have a good father in their lives, no matter how good their mom is.The fact is that it's good for daughters to have an adult male in their lives, especially as they go through their teen years.It tends to delay and reduce their "need" for close male attention and admiration which they too often seek from age peer males, who are typically ill-equipped to really provide that as they are just exploding with hormones and often just want to score and see what it feels like and brag to their friends about a conquest.Dating and sex add to their happiness, reduce any resentment they may feel, and make them better parents.