A very predictable plot, not so much romantic vibes and no quirkiness from the story and the supposed to be love web, I relied mainly on my goal to try to update my Taiwan movie/drama bucket to stay not dozing on the development of the romance and the lack of it and the forced placing of it in the story.Ariel played the role of a cheerful woman who became a commitment-phobe when her first love who showered her with rose petals, songs and promises left him as he became a pop star.

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In 2003, he took on the role of the second male lead in The Rose, a Taiwanese drama serial which also starred Taiwanese girl band S.

Cheng starred as the main lead in two dramas, Nine-ball and Magic Ring in 2004.

pic.twitter.com/3s W2Bw LT0t ISWAK COUPLE joe cheng ❤️ ariel lin pros: who can forget zhi shu and xiang xin, ang legendary parin nito.. cons: they never happened pero mygad the kilig never fades asiandrama: #It Started With AKiss pic.twitter.com/XNs T04b1Wj DAOMINGSE-SHANCAI COUPLE jerry yan ❤️ barbie hsu pros: they started my passion for asian dramas that eventually became korean drama addiction cons: they didn't happen but still they are legends 👏🏻 taiwanesedrama: #Meteor Garden pic.twitter.com/0Xo Xm JZSiv BOYOO COUPLE park bo gum ❤️ kim yoo jung pros: ang cute nila together, great visuals, great acting ❤️ cons: ang babies pa nila..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Que du beau monde, que des tawanais !

While I like the confusion-and-moment-of-truth-shock on love confrontations that involved “achieving dreams”, I mustered all my strength to get through into completing the remaining 5 minutes of the movie.

You see I have witnessed bucket of romance stories…

gwenchana gwenchana~ kdrama: #Eulachacha Waikiki pic.twitter.com/X0n Bv8h JPI ANJELL COUPLE jang geunsuk ❤️ park shinhye pros: the visuals, the kilig scenes, their friendship, yung may kilig moments parin kahit nagkikita lang sila sa mga shows.

cons: it's been so long, we need an ANJELL comeback!

The troupe made several sell-out shows in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore.

Cheng said that it has always been one of his goals to star in a stage play and was very honoured to have been able to star in the same production as Sylvia Chang.

Cheng is based in Taiwan and also counts China, Hong Kong and Japan as his main target markets.