I DON' T KNOW.......5000 THERE IS NO WAY THAT THEY WERE NEVER EVEN FRIENDSI really hope they get back together but if they want to continue on as they are, I'm not going to be bitchy if it makes them happy. Like okay, you left but you don't have to go around saying you weren't friends with any of them (I'm exaggerating) for like 4-5 years. My opinion on this: Liam didn’t know that much about their relationship so he’s saying anything...

everything zayn “said” about not being close with harry was only in print and never confirmed by him.

But I did like the chemistry the boys had together, so yea idk .. He always selfish, raised as Muslim and that is why. The last CD those 4 put out was far better without Zayne. Love the 4 but Harry Styles has always stood out Front and Center as the BEST.

During a round of true or false with French outlet Pure Break, Liam called the rumor of the band getting back together in 2019 totally false BUT he did offer this little nugget of information that you’ll find very interesting.

Something tells me Liam might actually win that bet.

They might never cuz then there will be less pressure of fans after a long time.

When they would they would think what's the use now we all have our solo albums and yeah. I trust liam words , whether they return after 2020 or not I will forever be a directioner .

First off they def need to come back sooner then 2020 but even then those who think they will be irrelevant by then HOW they are all doing extremely well solo wise and are very well known individually so they would have no problem getting back together at that time but still they should sooner it's been like 2 years I love their solo stuff but I love 1d to. I’m not sure if I want them to get back together, since I like Harry’s solo music a lot better.

It’s like real proper music and this way can really respect his talents. One final CD together to Celebrate their New Amazing Solo Careers, then back to separate artists.And anyone who is a fan can see they were SO SO close.Look up a few “zarry moments” on TRvid and you’ll see how close they were.Liam revealed that they all very much keep in touch and that they all actually wished him a happy birthday recently!As for those rumors of him crushing on Taylor Swift?We don't know everything thats going on with them everyday in their personal life's DAMN do these people at Clever News actually know Zayn or Harry personally, and have they asked them in person ? People act like they know one direction and everything but they don't.