This debut mystery imagining the events that began to transform the young Mycroft into the hidden power behind the British government is hopefully the first in a series.

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Although you can make up objective definitions that make things like “green”, “art”, and “love” more real, the definitions are pretty ad-hoc.

Respectively: “green” is light with a wavelength between 520 and 570 nm, “art” is portraits of Elvis on black velvet, and “love” is the smell of napalm in the morning.

Holmes promises to check with his contacts at work, and asks Georgiana if she has received messages from home about the dead children.

Georgiana is horrified by the news and determines to set off immediately for Trinidad.

One of the consequences of this is that we don’t perceive a “true” spectrum.

Instead, our brains have three values to work with, and they create what we think of as color from those.

Frank Bennett is Eden’s new partner after the death of her former partner.

Frank is immediately attracted to Eden, and a bit frightened by her brother Eric.

However, some animals have different kinds of cone cells that allow them to see colors differently, or see wavelengths of light that we don’t see at all.

For example, many insects and birds can see into the near-ultraviolet which is the color we In the deep ocean most animals are blind, or have a very limited range of color sensitivity (it’s as dark as a witch’s something-or-other; what is there to see? But some species, like the Black Dragonfish, have taken advantage of that by generating red beams of light that they can see, but that their prey can’t.

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