In 2004, Sophie developed a friendship with Chesney Brown, and the pair did most things together.

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Sally looked up other schools in the area to find they all had terrible reputations.

When Sally was dropping Rosie off at Oakhill, she saw Mr Lewis taking his daughter for her first day there.

In 2003, Sally focused most of her attention on Rosie, as she was convinced that Rosie was gifted and wanted her to have a career in performance.

Sophie often felt left out and got into fights with Rosie.

Remembering he said Jessica had Sophie's place in Weatherfield High, Sally threatened to tell the local newspaper about his lies, which earned Sophie a place at Weatherfield High.

Sophie and Chesney almost fell out when Chesney's stepfather Les had gossiped to the street residents about Chesney seeing a naked Sally in the shower.

Kevin and Sally warmed to Rosie's suggestion and legally changed the baby's name to Sophie.

For the first three years of her life, Sophie’s parents were very much in love but after Kevin had an affair, they separated in 1998.

Sophie Webster (formerly Lauren Webster) is the youngest daughter of Kevin and Sally Webster.