And I was always puzzled of course why the teams used a manpower - used devices to look for man-made signals.

And it seems okay if you're being haunted by an old washing machine or maybe an old TV. Barry Fitzgerald: Yes, we did some sub-sections of it. Question: Barry, can you talk about the reason you wanted to investigate Hamlet's Castle?

But of course, both sides have got people there that can deal with those types of things if it should go wrong. We don't take the time now to walk in the countryside and see what's around us. The stories of the fair and other ghosts and things, and started to disappear, especially whenever things started to move much faster. And no one walks anymore, there's hardly any bicycles. However, they haven't disappeared because even within the cities here in Ireland, both within the Catholic and Protestant community, there still are stories happening.

But I think Ireland as a whole is a great island for storytelling. And even within our great cities with the electric lights and everything else. It's just how we perceive what is actually happening.

Barry Fitzgerald: You know, it's very strange info in that Christianity as a whole of course identifies with spirits.

But it seems to be that Catholicism certainly is more open to the idea where if you have the off shoots within Protestantism and things like that, there seems to be an element of fear there with the spirits.

Not quite sure that you want to deal with them, so it's best you don't deal with them at all. And it's just how we perceive what is going on around us.

And a great deal of advice there to stay away and leave it alone. And again we live in a setting which is getting faster and faster and faster.

And we stepped into that castle and it really is remarkable just the size, the sheer size of that location. And I will make a point of watching the show along with the rest of the team, our film. And everybody talks about how evil they are and how bad they are. But, I have a hard time with it because I did notice that after we started using it we had stuff happening in our house. But it's the way that it's thrown that can become dangerous.

And really to give it justice we would need to be there for a month. Question: Kris, could you tell me how your move to Ghost Hunters International came about and maybe some of the differences in working with the GHI team? And after a while of these things happening my parents decided to get rid of it. But honestly going out on the road and investigating all these crazy places, the last thing I want to do is touch a Ouija board in my house. Question: You think that the Ouija board is a portal for spirits that still come into your house? Barry Fitzgerald: For me, I see the board itself is simply just a board. And in a way, yes the board itself can open a portal.

He has since had over three decades of experience as an investigator of the supernatural.

Strangely, someone wrote that Fitzgerald mysteriously vanished in 2016 during a covert expedition within the Iron Mountains in Ireland, searching for a Neolithic doorway to an other-world written about in an 8th-century manuscript recently uncovered in Trinity College, Dublin.

Barry Fitzgerald: It's a big responsibility of course and stepping up to the front. And there's great communication with the team and great camaraderie. And I know I've said this to Barry a few times, but there are places in the states where they say oh, we're going to investigate a castle. Question: Barry, you and Dustin had worked on a book last year. But yes there is another book just released about a week ago. And that's a more darker insight into the world of the paranormal.