But I need a purpose and am deeply involved in a number of philanthropic causes.

My main focus is the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education which I set up more than 20 years ago to help provide deprived children with an education.

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It keeps me very busy and the sun really does shine brighter when you are motivated and inspired.2 SNOWBOARDINGThe moment I gave up professional tennis I started snowboarding, which I am crazy about.

To my annoyance I am not a natural but that just makes me try harder.

Agassi later revealed that he was experimenting with drugs at the time, and it took a temporary toll on his career.

Ten years ago, Andre Agassi, arguably the most popular U. competitor ever, made a big play for Steffi Graf, arguably the greatest women’s player ever.

Then, in the semis, a bit of luck came his way when rain came just when Dominik Hrbaty was on a roll early in the fourth set.

But since a rain break killed him against Jim Courier in the ‘91 final, he was happy to take the gift and won 6-4, 7-6(6), 3-6, 6-4.There is nothing quite like the sheer exhaustion and elation you experience after a day out in the snow.Snowboarding is a great leveller too as often when I meet strangers they are in awe of my fame and that makes things awkward.But Agassi’s coach, Brad Gilbert, pushed him along, telling his friend that he just had to make an effort to meet her. I think you’re beautiful and fascinating and I have a tremendous amount of respect for what appears to be the pillars of your life,” Agassi wrote to Graf in a note.“Can we just have lunch or dinner or coffee, take a walk, I don’t care.Wrap your head around the fact that the supermodel Brooke Shields was once married to Andre Agassi , a former World No.