This modern actress never feels shy or hesitates to give a hot pose for the camera, either during her movies or for a magazine shoot.

Gugu was a talented singer and dancer since her teenage. She had joined Oxford Youth Music Theatre when she was eleven years old.

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Gugu graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, in the year 2004.

After her graduation, she started to appear in different media productions.

She can be seen on television in different TV shows like: “Bad Girls” in the year 1999, “Doctor Who” in the year 2005 and "Marple." This sexy lady with a beautiful personality has made a huge impression on her fans.

She has been very successful in her career at a very tender age and has even been able to earn a lot of name and fame.

Having appeared in over two dozen different movies and shows, her work has been credited and recognized internationally, as she has won and been nominated for several awards like BAFTA, Theatre World Award, Satellite Awards, Image Awards, Emmy Awards and more.

With her popularity in TV and films, she has also spent significant time in theatre and only started on screen since 1989.She has an interesting personality, pretty face and a delightful smile, which makes her a celebrity worth following.She seems to be an ambitious woman with determined objectives.Sites like Instagram and Flicker allow users to share and view sexy pictures of her.Fans can also learn more about her through different fan sites, wiki sites, and other similar websites sites. The 32-year-old also discussed her visit to Dubai, and her favorite shopping mall.