To delete notebook contents, open the notebook in One Note and delete the contents from there.To delete a notebook, open Share Point and delete the notebook from there.There was a problem with the server configuration changes.

an error has occurred while validating the configuration settings sharepoint-68

Sorry, your server is busy so configuration changes can’t be downloaded right now. In the meantime, you can continue using the app, and you’ll be reminded later to try downloading the changes.

Or, you can wait a few minutes, restart the app, and accept the prompt to try again.

Users who are granted the Microsoft Office 365 Global administrator or Service administrator role cannot be disabled in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online.

You must first remove the Microsoft Office 365 role, and then try again.

The entity is currently syncing to an external search index.

You must remove the entity from the external search index before you can set the "Can Enable Sync to External Search Index" property to False.

The currency cannot be changed because this quote has Products associated with it. You're running a version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook that is not supported for offline mode with this Microsoft Dynamics 365 organization .

If you want to change the currency please delete all of the Products and then change the currency or create a new quote with the appropriate currency. You'll need to upgrade to a compatible version of Dynamics 365 for Outlook.

Please contact your Dynamics 365 administrator and give them the information available in ‘more information’.