Dualling the Highland Main Line would be of huge benefit to the climate and could take between 250 and 300 lorries a day off the A9, which would make our roads safer and reduce repair bills.

Increasing capacity on the Highland Main Line would also offer exciting opportunities to greatly improve journey times between the Central Belt and the Highlands.

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Knowing that VTEC will not hold the train to allow a connection when the FNL train is late many resort to other means to get to Inverness.

An assurance from VTEC/LNER that will promise to hold the train for five minutes would be very welcome.

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However, we've had a look at this year's record for the ex Ardgay.

We found that of 120 runs, two were cancelled and three were more than 2 mins late. Conference starts: President's welcome Keynote address by Alex Hynes, MD Scot Rail Alliance Questions Alastair Dalton, Transport Correspondent, The Scotsman Kirsty Watson, Scot Rail Project Manager Judith Crow, Finance and Administration Officer, Flows to the Future Project, Forsinard Questions Frank Roach, HITRANS Convener's closing remarks End of Conference Fo FNL will not be making lunch arrangements on behalf of Members. After a Press Release from Fo FNL expressing hope that Virgin Trains East Coast and/or their successors LNER will help to ensure that passengers travelling down to Inverness on the Scot Rail from Ardgay, which provides a 12 minute connection into the Highland Chieftain to Kings Cross, this article appeared in the Press & Journal on 25 May.Passenger perception, we hear, is that people from Ardgay southwards intending to travel on the Highland Chieftain don't really trust the Far North Line service.Those who regularly travel to the Central Belt by train will understand the potential for major disruption to journeys as a result of extremely limited capacity.While I am pleased that the Scottish Government has recently announced a modest £10 million investment to improve the Highland Main Line, I fear it will amount to little more than tinkering, rather than the serious improvements that are needed.I cannot imagine a project that would be more transformative for the Highlands than the dualling of the Highland Main Line.