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During the off season, Cams 2 & 3 will not be streamed, but they will be turned back on when Romeo & Juliet return in the Fall. The eagles cannot see this light – it is outside their visible spectrum of light. If you were at the nest site, looking up at the tree at night, you would only see light from the moon or stars.

The infrared light is converted into visible light by the camera (but only black and white), and then we see the light because it has been converted and streamed to our computers!

Instead of viewing Romeo and Juliet’s empty nest, the cam will frequently be focused on the red-shouldered hawk nestlings while they are present.

A red-shouldered hawk’s diet includes small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and occasionally fish, but varies with the region & season.

The first is a pan/tilt/zoom cam (PTZ), that provides incredible up close views of activities in the nest.

The next cam down is also a PTZ cam focused on the nest from a different angle.

Through the years, the nest has grown considerably in size and weight (likely weighing close to a ton).

For the past nine years, Gretchen Butler (Volunteer for Audubon “Eagle Watch” Program and the American Eagle Foundation “Eagle Nest Cam” Program) has closely monitored and documented important events associated with the resident eagles and their offspring.

The ground crew spotted the parent birds flying into a common location, and this information was shared with the cam operator, thereby enabling the nest to be located from cam 1!

Viewed around the Spanish moss, two youngsters can be seen (best view is full screen).

The third video screen shows the nest tree and the canopy from a high-definition cam anchored on a different tree at a lower angle.