Is it hard to work if they're constantly learning forward to take a sip?

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I think it's cool to have a power nap at the basin, but a little risky to fall asleep during a haircut when someone has sharp scissors near your face." "To have a client fall asleep tells you they have complete faith in your abilities and are completely comfortable in your company.

It does not go unnoticed — all the hairdressers in the salon will let out a silent cheer as a mark of respect to the hairdresser's cool and very calming nature.

team came up with a comprehensive list of the awkward salon etiquette questions we’ve always wanted to ask, but never dared to, and took them to two Aussie hairdressers: ELEVEN Australia co-Creative Director and three-time Hairdresser of the Year Joey Scandizzo, and Togninis Premier Colourist David Martin. As long as we have a good chat at the beginning and both of us know exactly what’s going on with the haircut or style, I am happy for the client to sit back and relax.

I love being able to concentrate on what I’m doing, and I totally understand it’s a great time for my clients to chill out and read a magazine, which most people don’t get the luxury to do these days.

Once the hairdresser has some basic information, it's then time to move to standing behind the client and looking at them in the mirror.

What we need to remember is we can get really close to a client, to the point where personal space in no longer in existence.

Sometimes it’s nice for the hairdresser, too.” "That rule would be awesome; you feel really bad when you can see your client's lips moving and you can't hear a thing they are saying. Instead, if we don’t hear something correctly we just smile, nod and say, 'Yes, absolutely' and hope for the best." "I think that’s the best!

And it's not great for the clients sitting next to you to have two people yelling at each other over the noise of the dryer. It shows the hairdresser you are enjoying it, and I think you have more of a chance of getting a longer head massage if the stylist thinks you are relaxed and loving it.

I don’t mind the leaning forward — you kind of get into a rhythm with each other and it's fine.