A coworker took my friend aside and said that her mother couldn't be her family anymore because she was going to Hell. This is a sign of Shepherding, a belief that they have the right to tell us who our friends and family ought to be.

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Shortly before my wife left KCM, it imposed a gag order.

In a rather stridently written memo, management said that employees were not to talk to anyone, including family members, because they never knew who they would be talking to. I should think that an employee would know if his or her spouse or child is a reporter!

”A friend of mine who attended EMIC, began to become concerned about the direction the church was headed. So, he wrote the pastor a letter outlining his concerns.

The next week, the pastor stood up and held up my friend's letter and said “I have received a letter from a member outlining some concerns with our church.

If you don't like it, I suggest you go find another church that you can more easily manipulate, because it won't happen here.” My friend said that his blood ran cold because he knew the pastor's wife was talking about him.

Then the pastor's wife led the congregation in an oath of allegiance to the pastor. I refused to take the oath, and I never returned after that Sunday.

We always wanted to work for KCM, and in August of 2003, we both got our chance. This was the opportunity of a lifetiime -- to be able to help Brother Copeland put legs to his vision and help expand the Kingdom of God! Remember, in a previous article, I mentioned two separate sources that prove that Kenneth Copeland married the Word of Faith with Shepherding. While I was at KCM, a nationally famous minister came in to encourage us at one of our staff “chapels.” He said “Don't ask questions. If you ask questions, then you aren't in faith.” If we were going to do our job, didn't we need to know what we were doing, and didn't that mean we had to ask questions?

This was nothing less than Shepherding, a restatement of “Don't touch the anointed!

It grew wearying after a while, and I felt dehumanized after working there for four months.

I was told that it was a great honor to work at that ministry, yet I felt totally dishonored as a person.

If Shepherding is a part of the official doctrine of KCM/EMIC, then she was just doing what she thought she was supposed to do. We later learned that the pastor's wife also publicly humiliated and eviscerated the head of the greeter department, simply because the head greeter refused to require all her ladies to wear dresses, and allowed a few to wear pants suits.