They went with younger version of the character and wanted Eddie Brock's voice to be recognizable through all the filters, so it is 100% understandable why the voice isn't super-deep or anything. Rod Wilson Sound more like angry weightlifter than alien-monster. Danny Trejo First of all, what was the point of getting Danny Trejo, if you are only going to give him few generic lines of dialogue? The whispery voice and hissing make him feel more fitting for someone like the Lizard or the like. Topher Grace I know that I defended Grace's casting/performance in Eddie Brock voice compare, but the effects they used for him as Venom are just too awful.Moreover, you just gotta love the devilish glee from Diskin's performance. Travis Willingham For a lighter and softer version, Travis wasn't half bad. They make him sound unintentionally silly and it would have been better, if they went the movie route and just used his normal voice (it wouldn't have been perfect, but preferable). Steve Blum Oh man, what were they even thinking with this voice?

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He has a great amount of energy and I really like his roars. He truly seems to be having fun here and I really like his raspy voice. Yes, it's pitched down artificially, but it doesn't distract me that much. I prefer him as Carnage, but he does a pretty quirky Venom.

Hank Azaria's take is classic and still a lot of fun to hear. Rod Wilson, Brian Drummond, Daran Norris, Arthur Burghardt, Steve Blum, Quinton Flynn, Topher Grace, Keith Szarabajka, Chopper Bernet, Travis Willingham and Roger Craig Smith also deliver enjoyable performances.

The man clearly loved every minute of being unfiltered bad guy. Brian Drummond Brian has the perfect voice for the role, sounding deep, imposing and monstrous, but the material doens't give him room to give actually interesting performance, so he ends up being generic bad guy with a cool voice. Neil Kaplan Has really cool voice and fitting aggressive delivery, but doesn't have enough actual dialogue to leave strong impression. Roger Craig Smith Could definitely use some fine-tuning, but I see the potential. I think he could knock more comic-accurate Venom out of the park, if given a chance. Arthur Burghardt The voice is fitting enough, but the delivery is clunky as hell and the random pauses just sound awkward. David Boat The voice is little clunky, but I could see it working, if David was given a chance to tweak it little bit. Jason Bryden/Quinton Flynn/Dee Bradley Baker None of them are awful or even bad, but their voices feel more fitting for Carnage. Chopper Bernet Forks fine for the Mac Gargan - version, but overall doesn't do anything particularly memorable with the role. They cast Steve Blum, man well-known for his deep and imposing voices, and have him do almost a high-pitched voice for Venom.

If that wasn't bad enough, the delivery is just very flat and fails to make the character feel anyway [email protected] Saiyans I know that "cartoonish" is made-up "internet word", so its meaning kinda depends on who you ask, but I personally interpret it as silly, over-the-top etc.

Jason Bryden, Ben Diskin, Danny Trejo and Brian Stivale don't sound right to me.1.

Keith Szarabajka Keith's voice is both deep and imposing, and while there are other performances here that I would consider good, he is the only one who I think sounds genuinely scary.

But, most importantly, he gives the role actual personality and gravitas and doesn't just play it as one-note monster. Daran Norris This is really impressive showcase of Norris' range and it is cool how little (if any) modulation there seems to be in his voice.

Some of the acting is little clunky and the voice does get overly cartoonish in places, but he makes up for it with the humor and charm he gives to the role. Hank Azaria Hank was the first person to ever play Venom and it is easy to see why he has set the standard for so many people.

Franchise: Spider-Man Venom is an alien symbiote that requires a host for survival and in exchange gives the host enhanced powers.